Role of a Broker is not limited to a conclusion of the insurance contract. We care about our Customers – they need to be sure that they relay the insurance service in the best hands. That is why, apart from finding the best insurance solutions, we aim to provide the best current service. We think that carrying out the professional consultancy and claims handling assistance is of a great importance for each of our Clients.

Our cooperation with Customer can be divided into several stages:

Risk identification – we study the profile and the specification of Client’s business activity, we try to define the risk which might interfere with the Company’s activity and we search for areas particularly sensitive to potential losses.

Risk assessment – at this stage, due to collected data, we estimate the level of risk as well as we organize and participate in an insurance audit (so-called survey).

Strategic planning – is the moment of making a decision about the structure of the insurance program. We determine the scope of the insurance cover and methods of risk financing or its transfer. The final step is to issue the insurance policies.

Implementation of the program – it is the operational stage, aimed at accomplishing the objectives of the insurance program.

Current service – at this stage we assess the effectiveness and efficiency of actions already taken and, if necessary, we introduce changes to the program. We remain in day-to-day contact with the Customer, performing a number of administrative tasks in relation to concluded agreements (such as notification of new assets, updating list of employees, implementing new lines/insurance clauses due to changes in risks).


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